At the vein institute Toronto, we strive to bring our patients the most innovative and effective treatments with little recovery time for varicose veins. Previous methods of treating varicose veins involved serious invasive surgery and long recovery periods. Fortunately, due to the advancement of technology there are now minimally invasive treatments that are nonsurgical and painless with anaesthesia required like the ClariVein® treatment.

What is ClariVein? ®

The ClariVein®, also referred to as mechanochemical ablation is a technique used in treating varicose or spider vein without the use of lasers. The varicose vein treatment involves the use of the ClariVein®infusion catheter along side sclerotherapy injection of the vein to be treated that allows for a 360-degree coverage of a sclerosant chemical to treat the incompetent vein. with the ClariVein® being two to three times thinner than the devices used in radio frequency and laser ablation, and it requires just one Time entry point into the skin.

What To Expect From A Clarivein® Procedure?

The ClariVein procedure is performed using local anesthetic with ultrasound visualization of the veins and the procedure takes less than 30 minutes. The procedure works by treating the infected veins internally through a very small incision that is usually made on the upper thigh area. During the procedure Dr. Sanjo Kundu will insert the MOCA® catheter with a rotating fibre into the vein.

Once the device reaches the damaged vein the fibre begins to rotate to carefully remove the lining of the damaged vein while also delivering a medical solution to treat the underlying cause.

The MOCA® catheter will continue to rotate for several minutes that should not cause any discomfort or major pain. in comparison to other treatments like sclerotherapy that uses a single method of closing damaged vein the ClariVein® uses two modes of action with the MOCA® to treat the damaged vein and the underlying cause of the damage.Unlike other varicose vein treatments offered at the vein institute the procedure is performed by administering a local anesthesia to the patient and since no major incisions are made there is little chance of scarring and patients can return to their activities in no time.

What Do You Need to Know Before Your ClariVein Treatment?

If you are planning to get the ClariVein® treatment, here are a few tips before your appointment.

  •         Do not shave your legs before your treatment.
  •         Wear loose fitting close to your appointment.
  •         Do not apply lotion or moisturiser on your legs before your treatment.
  •         Do not forget to bring your medical insurance.
  •         Make sure to talk to your doctor if you should bring your compression stockings with you.

What To Expect After Your ClariVein® Treatment?

After Your ClariVein® Treatment You May Experience Some of The Following:

  •         Mild discomfort

 not all people experience this, but some may experience a mild achy feeling of restless days after treatment which is a good indicator that your treatment is working as the degree of discomfort is related to the initial size and amount of the diseased vein. The pain can be relieved by walking lightly.

  •         Light tenderness around vein

 you may experience some tenderness around the vein which is caused by the ClariVein® treatment working to close the diseased vein. It’s best to avoid bumping your leg a few days after treatment.

  •         Appearance of spider veins

Small spider veins might appear on the skin which happens when ClariVein® closes the damaged vein and blood is rerouted to healthier veins. You might be recommended sclerotherapy after your final session to clean up superficial veins.

  •         Skin discoloration.

 After the treatment you may notice slightly darker spots on your however compared to other vein treatments ClariVein® has the least amount of bruising post treatment. the brushing should go away on their own with time.

If you are struggling with varicose or spider veins this revolutionary treatment might be just what you need to relieve your discomfort. Book a free consultation with Dr Kundu today to learn more about what Clarivein can do for you.